Entry Door Installation Instructions Entry Door Installation Instructions

Homeowners frequently decide on an entry door installation as a way of changing the exterior of their home. Here are some easy-to-follow instructions for this home project.

Step 1 - Discard the Old Door
Remove the old door, including the existing trim that covers the door frame.

Step 2 - Door Frame Removal
Detach the door frame. You may need a reciprocating saw to accomplish this task.

Step 3 - Level the Bottom Sill
Check the level of the bottom sill of the door entry opening.

Step 4 - Weather Sealing
Place foil tape around the sill frame to insure that the opening is water tight.

Step 5 - Attach the New Door 
Place the new entry door in the frame, starting from the bottom. Nail it temporarily into place so you can measure that it is square in the door frame. With a level, make sure that the door is level on all sides and completely plumb.

Attach the new entry door to the frame by screwing in the appropriate hinges. Make sure that the door swings easily and shuts completely.

Step 6 - Trim
Install new trim and flashing around the entry door frame, including weather stripping as needed.

Step 7 - Handles and Locks
Install door hardware, including handle and locks.

Now your new entry door is installed and ready to use.

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