Entry Door Locksets Explained

An entrance.

Entry door locksets are designed to be more durable and stronger than a lock used for an interior door in the home. It is important that you install the right type of door lockset on your home to keep the property safe.

Types of Locksets and Knobs

There are various types of knobs and locksets that you can install in your home. Choose the one that best suits your needs and keeps your family safe from outside intruders. The door should be able to be locked from both sides either with a key or a button on the inside. Some door locks can be opened from the inside without disengaging the lock. This allows for an emergency exit without spending time unlocking the door.

These types of locks can also cause you to lock yourself out of the home more easily. A good choice if you are worried about locking yourself out of the home is a lock that cannot be engaged without the key on the outside. This will only allow you to lock the door on the outside if you have the keys in your hand.

Deadbolts can be placed on your exterior doors for even more protection than the doorknob lockset. These are often placed on the door and use the same key as the doorknob lock. This makes it easier to lock and unlock the doors with only one key.

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