Entry Level Resume

When you are creating an entry level resume, you only need to have some basic information. There is no need to fill the pages with information about your social life, your hobbies or your interests. Stick to the facts and your entry level resume will be more effective.

What an Entry level Resume Should Look Like

You should begin with the header containing your full name, address, and any contact information. You can include as well, the job title the resume is for; this can be generic, such as customer service, or technical support admin.

You should have a short paragraph or two explaining what you are looking for in a job and what you have to offer the company. You should then include past employments, with dates of hire and the date you left (with reason as to why). Some companies prefer you to insert the hourly rate you were hired in at as well as the hourly rate you were making at the time you left.

An entry level resume should include your education with any diplomas, degrees, or certificates that you have acquired.

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