Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning Options

With the increased awareness of doing our part to help in conserving the environment, there are a number of environmentally friendly carpet cleaning options that you can try. This article will describe these methods further detail.

The Issue with Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Although there is nothing wrong with using commercial carpet cleaning products, it is important that you make it a point to check the ingredients. There are some commercial cleaners that are eco-friendly. These mostly are solvent-free and bio-based. Unfortunately though, there are still some cleaners which contain toxins and other chemicals that can be very harmful to the environment. They can also be harmful to you, your family and your pets too. Hence, it is very important that you check the label on the cleaner's package or bottle. Often there is a poison label or other indications that the solution is combustible, flammable or hazardous.

Household Cleaning Solutions and Natural Cleaners

If you wish to go a step further in green cleaning, you can stop purchasing commercial cleaning products and make your own household cleaning solutions. This is not only safer but also cheaper. Lemon juice and alcohol are a good alternative to commercial carpet cleaners. Mixing them with some water will give you a cleaning solution that can be effective even against a number of stains. Baking soda is another good alternative. Another natural cleaning option is mixing vinegar or salt with water. You can also clean your carpets by using a mild laundry detergent. Try to avoid using bleach and any solvents containing ammonia or acetone. Toxic fumes are part and parcel of such solvents, and they are not only harmful to the environment but also to you if you inhale them. It is also best to avoid using any dry cleaning solvents, as these commonly include elements of benzene and petroleum.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning and extraction is a good way of cleaning carpets. The procedure often only incorporates basic, mild cleaning agents that are not harmful to the environment.

Disposing of Waste Water

When cleaning carpets, you will end up with waste water which you will have to dispose of. Take into consideration that if you utilized chemically based cleaners or any harmful solvents to clean your carpet, the waste water can harm the environment. Therefore, dispose of it responsibly.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

If you wish to hire the services of a professional carpet cleaner, try to make sure that you are well informed of the type of service they provide and the methods that they use. Nowadays, more companies which provide carpet cleaning services are aware of the environmental impacts, and they have adopted greener methods. Rather than using toxic chemicals, there are professional carpet cleaners who focus on using plant-based chemicals. They also make it a point to follow a suitable and eco-friendly procedure to treat and dispose of waste water that is generated during the carpet cleaning process.