Epoxy Floor Installation Pt. 2: Basecoat and Color Chips

What You'll Need
Basecoat (both part A and B)
Paint stick/Jiffy mixer
Painters tape
Nap roller
Paint brushes
Color chips
Latex gloves for protection

An epoxy floor with color chips offers a great finish to your garage flooring. Moreover, it is easy to install this type of floors with only a few simple tools for painting. However, keep in mind that choosing the right epoxy basecoat is vital for getting the right kind of finish on your floor. Further, you can customize the topcoat to match your color preferences. The chips in the floor add a little color to the look, and they are extremely easy to install. Here’s how you can install an epoxy floor with color chips.

Step 1 – Mixing the Basecoat

The two components of the basecoat need to be mixed well. Pour the contents of one of the containers into the other and use either a paint stick or a jiffy mixer to blend them well. Always use slow speed to mix the two components. The final material should be free of any streaks. To ensure thorough blending, be sure to scrape the sides of the barrel.

Allow the material to stand for at least 30 minutes so that it is completely inducted. Remember to re-stir it before you actually use it. Also, keep in mind that the basecoat should be used within 3 to 4 hours after mixing.

Step 2 – Preparing the Floor

Before you begin painting the floor, it is important to use a brush to paint into corners, expansion joints and other areas that may be hard to reach. Tape off the sections along the baseboard using the painter’s tape so that you do not get the epoxy paint on unwanted areas and walls.

Step 3 – Applying the Basecoat

Once the walls and the floor are prepared, apply the basecoat to the concrete floor in thin ribbons. Work on with small sections at a time. Start off with the corner that is furthest from the exit of the room. Once you have applied the paint in ribbons, you can use the nap roller to spread it over the floor surface. If you are using a new roller, make sure it does not have any loose fibers or it will spoil the paint.

Step 4 – Applying Color Chips

After you have painted about 6 feet of floor from the starting point, begin applying the color chips on the basecoat. Multiple color chips should have been mixed well beforehand. To apply the chips, toss them in the air and allow them to settle on to the wet basecoat. Use only small pinches of chips so that you do not have inequitable distribution. Spread the dispersion of the chips and try to be as uniform as possible in order to avoid making certain sections appear odd.

Continue in this manner by painting 6 feet of the floor and then dispersing the colored chips until the whole floor has been done. Keep in mind that if you drop the chips unevenly, you will not be able to remove them. You will have to repaint the surface and then use some more chips.