Epoxy Resin Glue

Included in the class known as structural or engineering adhesives, epoxy resin glue is designed to form incredibly strong bonds and is commonly used in the making of bicycles, boats, golf clubs, skis and other hard-worn products. Whether joining wood, stone, glass, metal and certain plastics, epoxy glues are adaptable to a wide variety of uses. The chemical makeup of epoxy resin glue allows for the inclusion of different properties. Epoxy resin glue can be rigid or flexible, opaque or transparent or quick drying or slow setting. 


Resistance to heat and chemicals sometimes poses a problem for adhesives. This is not the case with epoxy resin glue, as it is extremely heat and chemical-resistant. High heat may even be used to cure epoxy glue, a process which actually augments its heat resistance. Above temperatures of 350 degrees F epoxy resin glue starts to lose some of its bonding strength. In addition to high heat, ultra violet light is used to cure certain epoxy glues. 


As epoxy resin glues can be adapted to suit just about all applications, there are consequently many different kinds of epoxy glue available. Among many other things, epoxy resin glue is useful as grout, for adhering overhead surfaces, for bonding concrete, stone and other aggregate materials as well as adhering markers to roadway barriers.