Ergonomic Desk Chair: How to Properly Adjust

A woman in an ergonomic desk chair.

There are several factors that contribute to the comfort at your workstation but none are as important as the ergonomic desk chair. An uncomfortable chair is not only bad for your posture it can make your work day seem like a prison sentence. Adjustable desk chairs are the ideal way to combat this but are only effective if set at the proper height. Believe it or not, adjusting your desk chair to the proper height will do wonders for your comfort level.

Set the Desk Chairs Height

The first step is to set the chair height of the ergonomic desk chair and you can do this by standing in front of the chair and making sure the seat height is level with your knee caps. This will ensure the seat height is set properly for your overall height. Next, sit in the chair and check the clearance for your legs in relation to the desktop. It’s important to make sure your feet are flat on the floor when checking the height.

Adjusting the Backrest and Armrests

Setting the backrest properly will help alleviate any future back problems brought about by poor posture. Find the mechanism that operates the tilt on the backrest and move it backward and forward until it fits in the small of your back. It should be a snug fit with the backrest firmly supporting the back area. The steps for adjusting the armrests of your ergonomic desk chair are just as easy as adjusting the seat.

Sit up straight in the chair and place your arms at a 90-degree angle at your sides. The armrests should be set at height that allows them to barely touch your elbows. This will help in greatly reducing shoulder and upper back stress that is caused by improper posture.


The time people spend at work, and particularly at your personal workstation, takes up a considerable amount of their day. It only makes sense that you try and make this space as comfortable as possible. You can achieve the greatest level of comfort by correctly adjusting an ergonomic desk chair. These chairs are worth their weight in gold because of the physical benefits they offer to the user.

Not only can these chairs be stylish they also play an important role in promoting correct posture. An ergonomic desk chair is a perfect example of the marriage between form and function.