Ergonomic Mouse

An ergonomic mouse helps to reduce pain in the arms, wrists, and neck. Many people have found that by placing the mouse in its traditional spot, on the side of the keyboard, creates mounting stress. There are many ways to create an ergonomic mouse that will help reduce pain, without spending a lot of money on a new mouse or desk.

  • One way to create an ergonomic mouse is to use a keyboard without a number pad. A shorter keypad enables the user to place the mouse in a position that is in better alignment for the arm's reach.
  • An armrest may be added to the edge of the desk. This short extension takes the pain out of holding your arm in the same place for hours at a time.
  • Many people also decide to build or purchase a mouse platform to be used with the armrest. The platform raises the ergonomic mouse and tilts it at an angle towards the user. This slight tilt ensures that your wrist and arm is in a natural position while holding the mouse.

Ergonomic Mouse Pads

Some people find ergonomic mouse pads to be useful as well. The mouse pad is placed right beneath the mouse area and helps prevent the wrist from slouching onto the table.