Errors to Avoid When Installing a Slate Tile Roof Errors to Avoid When Installing a Slate Tile Roof

slate tile roof often outshines other roofing materials because of the resulting beautiful surface it gives on one’s home. Although the task of installing a slate tile roof is relatively easy, results will however vary depending on some aspects of installation. Here then are some things to avoid in order to ensure that you correctly install your slate tile roof.

Do Not Purchase From An Unknown Source

Slate roof tiles are quite sturdy and are expected to last a long time. But this can only be enjoyed by homeowners if genuine slate roof tiles are installed. Due to the presence of numerous retailers selling this type of roofing material, it is best purchase from a reliable store. Although genuine tiles can be pricey, there are retailers offering discounts so you can buy real slate roof tiles at a discounted cost.

Inappropriate Slate Tile Size

Most homeowners would opt to buy small-sized slate tiles since they are cheaper than larger sizes. Although this may be attractive to look at, it is impractical because you will require more tiles to cover the entire roofing space. Also, you will have to invest more effort and time to finish the installation. 

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