Essential Childproofing Products

There are plenty of great childproofing products available, so you can cover every potential safety hazard in each area of your home. Having children means looking at your home in a whole new light, because your child's safety becomes paramount. It's best to take inventory of your home from a baby's and toddler's perspective. There are also childproofing checklists available. If you are a collector of knick-knacks, you will want to place them up high, or remove them altogether until your child is older.

For other safety concerns, be prepared to invest in some essential childproofing products such as:

#1 - Safety Gates

Safety gates in the home are essential for keeping children in or out of certain areas. Safety gates are vital for homes with stairs. It only takes seconds for a new crawler or toddler to reach the stairs, and a fall down the stairs is immanent. A fall down the stairs can cause serious injury, yet is completely preventable. Safety gates are not difficult to install, some only requiring a basic tension arm to be adjusted.

#2 - Plug Covers

One of the easiest childproofing products to install is plug covers. These plastic inserts are to safeguard against your little explorer sticking toys or other items into the electrical outlets all over your home. When you get down on a child's level, you see how easy it is for natural curiosity to take over. It's best to cover all outlets that aren't being used, and the covers are inexpensive enough that it won't create a hardship.

#3 - Locks and Latches

There are several areas of the home where cabinet locks and latches must be used. It is very common for cleaning supplies and medicines to be stored under the sink in the kitchen and bathroom. Therefore, it is vital to protect your child from potentially toxic substances. The type of locks or latches you need depends on the type of handles your cabinets and cupboards have. Most latches take only minutes to install. Even if you keep these types of materials stored up high, it's better to err on the side of caution, particularly if you have a climber. It's also fun to keep at least one low cupboard unlocked and full of plastic bowls or pans your child can play with, while you are busy in the kitchen.

#4 - Door Safety

When your crawler becomes a walker, you'll want to ensure his safety by attaching door knob covers. This will prevent your toddler from entering the bathroom without your knowledge, or opening the doors to the outside without an adult. If you prefer not to have door knob covers, be sure to install a toilet seat lock. Many children are naturally curious when it comes to water, yet water is a leading cause of death and injury for young children. A toilet lock will keep your child from an unnecessary accident.

There are many other childproofing products available, such as stove guards, corner covers, etc. You have to determine what is appropriate for your own home.