Essential Corner Desk Furniture Essential Corner Desk Furniture

Not all corner desk furniture is created equal. While you may think that all you need is a work surface and a place to sit, there are some essential items you'll need to in order to optimize your corner work space. If you don’t have at the very least a few basics of corner desk furniture, odds are you will not be as productive as you could be.


Every corner desk space needs a set of book shelves, especially if you do a lot of work from home. You are going to have books and reference materials that you need handy, and having to go to another area of the room or even another room in the house is inconvenient, and can ruin the flow of your work time. Some corner desks come equipped with bookshelves, and while this is the easiest solution, it may not be the best for you or your space. You can always build or buy bookshelves separately that are installed on the wall, or a floor unit that extends past your desk.

Filing cabinet

Another essential piece of corner desk furniture is a filing cabinet. Even if you don’t have lots of important papers you need to lock away, a filing cabinet is a great solution for storing and organizing files and supplies that tend to gather over the course of the day. If your corner desk is in a high-traffic area or a multi-use room, then placing loose papers in a filing cabinet will not only prevent them from getting lost, but will keep your desk looking neat and tidy.

CPU stand

Depending on the design and style of your corner desk, it may already come with a CPU stand. If not, you can purchase one at low cost. If a traditional CPU stand does not fit in with the décor of the room, you can always purchase a table or open-back bookshelf with adjustable shelves to put your CPU tower and printer on. The main goal is to set it in a protective space, because setting it on the ground by your desk or on the desk itself makes it vulnerable to damage will make your work space feel cluttered.  


While it may seem like a no-brainer that you need a chair to use your corner desk, you want to make sure that you get the right chair for you and your desk. Quite often, when picking out corner desk furniture, we leave the chair to the last and choose one that is inexpensive or on sale. You want to pick out a chair that is right for your needs, preferably an ergonomic model will be kind to you back.


Most rooms have their own lighting, however the lights tend to be placed in the center of the room, which is not optimal for a corner desk setup. If you don’t have the right lighting, you may find yourself squinting at your computer screen, which could cause headaches and eye strain. Buying a lamp that either sits on your desk or is freestanding will help ensure you have the right amount of light and that it is falling on your work area correctly. 

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