Essential Deck Building Supplies for Pine Decks

a person nailing new wooden planks onto a deck
What You'll Need
Premixed concrete
Post caps and bases
Joist hangers
Circular saw

In addition to lumber, you will need several building supplies to build your pine deck.


To build a sturdy and safe deck, you will need this reinforcement bar. It is commonly used in large masonry and woodworking projects and helps to support weight on the lumber itself.

Plumb Bob

Taking accurate measurements and lining everything up will require more than just a tape measure. You will also need a plumb bob, a carpenter's level and a carpenter's square to get the most accurate measurements.


A lot of people will forego the flashing on a deck. Without the flashing, however, there is nothing to stop water from seeping in to your home's siding. It’s best to make sure you have this to avoid any damage to your home later.


You can just use scrap lumber for the bracing. This is essential to any deck as it adds additional support to the structure.