Essential Glass Slide Door Maintenance Hardware Essential Glass Slide Door Maintenance Hardware

A glass slide door is a great addition to any home. It provides a panoramic view of the outside and it functions as a door. When properly maintained a glass slide door will function smoothly and easily. Having some basic hardware for your glass slide door readily available will allow you to make minor repairs or adjustments before minor problems become big problems.

Useful Hardware to Keep Around for a Glass Slide Door

The most important piece of hardware to keep on hand for your glass slide door is extra rollers. If possible, keep enough extra rollers to replace all of the rollers twice. The rollers are the most common part to go bad because they are exposed to friction every time the door is used. Dirt and debris which gets trapped in the track can also put wear on the rollers.

Keep an extra set of the locking hardware available. The locking hardware should not fail but it can and if it does it is best to replace this as soon as possible. If the locking hardware is not functioning properly then every time you leave your house you are leaving it exposed to potential break in.

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