Essential Handicapped Shower Accessories

The accessories that are necessary for a handicapped shower are the grab bars, rails, shower seats and hand held shower heads. Each of these accessories are installed in a handicapped accessible shower in accordance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and are necessary for individuals who are physically challenged and need assistance in the shower.

Grab Bars, Rails and Handheld Showers

Grab bars and rails permit and individual who is handicapped to pull themselves up or into a shower. The grab bars and rails provide support while the individual is showering and permits them to maintain some semblance of independence and dignity. The same goes for a hand held shower head that is installed in a position that is easy to reach. Hand held shower heads are designed to be grasped easily, easy to operate and easy to return to their resting position.

Shower Seats

Shower seats are installed in a handicapped accessible shower that fold down and can support the weight of a handicapped person. The seats can be grasped and pulled into position and help a handicapped person rest and enjoy showering without placing any added stress or strain on their body.