Essential Interior Wall Painting Tools

When tackling the job of interior wall painting, having the right tools to hand can make the end results look really professional. Using the best available tools also means that a job will usually be a quick one to undertake. There are a number of methods the DIY enthusiast can adopt when painting interior walls and it’s worth having a sufficient number of tools to hand that will allow flexibility.

Dust Sheets

Dust sheets are ideal for covering furniture that will remain in the room while decorating takes place. They're also useful for protecting your carpet or wooden floors.

Masking Tape

Masking tape and newspaper is perfect for covering fitments like light switches, ceilings and wall lamps as well as woodwork such as skirting boards, dado rails, picture rails and window frames. Masking tape comes in various thicknesses for easier application.


As with all decorating jobs or DIY tasks, preparation is the key to a really good finish. Sandpaper can be used to key up woodwork and smooth out any lumps or uneven areas on the walls. Stronger grit papers are suitable for heavy duty tasks like removing varnish from surfaces.

Sugar Soap

Sugar soap is the ideal cleaning solution if grease, stains or soot need to be removed from the wall prior to painting. It is particularly ideal for use in a kitchen or a room where an open fire has been used.


An essential part of your preparation tool kit. The flat blades on scrapers are designed to remove wallpaper and flaking paint without damaging the underlying surface. Scrapers come in various sizes and the thinner type are ideal for scraping away paper and paint away from smaller areas.


Paint rollers are comprised of a soft tube of either sheepskin or sponge surface on a rolling cylinder with a handle. The soft material is designed to hold paint. When rolled over a surface, this tool distributes the paint quickly and evenly.

Extension Rods

If you are painting walls in a high-ceiling room, an extendable paint roller rod is essential, especially if you aren’t keen on ladders. For large areas, sheepskin or sponge rollers get the job done in half the time.

Pump Rollers

There are some pump paint roller devices on the market that make the job of painting interior walls even easier. These come with an integrated paint container which means that you never have to reload the roller.


Small emulsion brushes are ideal for cutting in, edging and painting fiddly areas. Larger brushes can be used to paint walls with emulsion. Brushes are suitable for painting flat walls and covered areas or for plaster features such as ceiling roses, corbels or sconces.


Step ladders are ideal for helping you reach places that you cannot naturally stretch to gain access to. Step ladders are easy to set up and lightweight, which makes them easier to move around the room.

Cleaning Solutions

Water is all that is needed to clean up equipment if water-based paints are used. When oil-based paints are used, white spirit is ideal for cleaning brushes and wiping up spills.