Essential Items to Include in Camping First Aid Kits

If you are staying in a tent or a cabin and don't have access to regular medical supplies, it's essential that you have camping first aid kits to help ensure that you're prepared for any situation. A good first aid kit will permit you to deal with any minor injury or other issue that may come up while you're camping. They'll also help you to stabilize or treat someone who is suffering from a more serious health concern until you can get that person to a proper medical facility. Read on for a brief guide to some of the essential items that you should always include in a camping first aid kit.

Bandages and Tape

Whether you have small bandaids or strips of medical bandages and tape, it's essential that you have some way of covering and protecting sores and injuries. If you become scratched, cut, or otherwise injured in a minor way, a bandage can help you to be able to continue going about your camping trip with less discomfort than you would have otherwise had. Tape is essential for cloth or gauze bandages to help hold them in place.

Antibiotic Ointment or Cream

Antibiotic cream should be rubbed into the skin over cuts, scrapes, or scratches before you place a bandage or a bandaid over the injury. This cream is essential in camping situations where you may not have access to soap and water to wash out the wound. The antibiotic cream helps to protect the open sore from becoming infected with bacteria, which may delay the recovery process or cause an infection that can pose a more significant health risk.


If you're camping, a flashlight is an essential item to bring along. It's a good idea to keep a small flashlight in your first aid kit as well. If an injury happens to occur at night, the flashlight will allow you to continue to see what you're doing while you help to treat the injury.


Tweezers are a great item to include in a camping first aid kit, because they can be used for multiple purposes. If you or someone else on the trip should get a painful splinter, tweezers can be helpful at removing it. Additionally, tweezers are your best remedy for ticks, if you happen to be camping in an area where ticks are common.


Tylenol is a great item to include to help you cope with pain and discomfort while on the camping trip.


When you don't have access to soap and water, antiseptic is a good way to wash out your wounds and cuts before you dress them.

First Aid Guidebook

A small handbook on how to provide first aid is a good thing to include along with your camping first aid kit. This way, if you encounter other issues or injuries that you don't know how to deal with, you'll be better able to treat the patient until he or she can get to a medical facility.