Essential Roof Framing Materials Essential Roof Framing Materials

Proper roof framing is a job that can be done without the aid of a professional contractor, but it requires a skilled hand and the right materials. There are many components that go into the framing of a roof. Before you start, have a full understanding of not only the steps you will take to build the frame, but the type and number of materials you will need.

Essential Roof Framing Materials

To frame a roof you need lumber. That much is obvious, but exactly what kind of lumber for the various parts of the roof requires further explanation.

  • 2x8 Lumber: This is used for the ridge beam or the piece that extends the length of the apex of the roof. Gable roofs have a ridge that runs the length of the home while hipped roofs have a shorter ridge.
  • 2x6 Lumber: On roofs for homes, the rafters are made from 2x6 lumber as is the blocking used to keep them properly spaced.
  • 2x4 Lumber: You will also need 2x4 lumber. This is used for plates, gable studs, cripple studs, beam supports and rafters on smaller roofs.
  • 4x8 foot Plywood: This is used for the sheathing of the roof onto which goes the felt paper and shingles.

These are the basic materials required for the framing of a roof, whether it is for a home, shed or other type of building.

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