Essential Roof Removal Tools

When you find your roof or shingles need replacing, there are some crucial roof removal tools you’ll need to acquire before you begin.

Shingle Removers

There are 3 basic tools you can use to remove shingles. Each has its benefits and may be used at different stages of the process.

  • Shingle Scraper or Roofing Shovel - Has large teeth that dig into both shingles and roofing nails for easy removal. Other uses include breaking up ice in winter and digging up soil and roots.
  • Pry Bar - Smaller version of a shingle scraper that also removes nails. If you only have a small area of shingles to remove, or you want something a little easier to handle, a pry bar is a more economical choice.
  • Pitchfork - Best used for the highest layer because its weight can be awkward if used at lower levels. Additionally, the length of the pitchfork makes it easier to toss the shingles into the dumpster/trash can on the ground without going back down the roof.

Carpentry and Safety Tools

For nail removal, you can opt for a claw hammer instead of a shingle scraper or pry bar. A sturdy ladder or two, or scaffolding if you are up higher, should be used in combination with safety harnesses in case of a slip or wobble. Similarly, gloves and hard hats should be worn.