Estimate the Cost of a Timber Retaining Wall

A timber retaining wall is useful in keeping earth and water away from the driveway and formed in a designated area. The best use for a timber retaining wall is part of your landscaping to add to the appeal of it. A timber retaining wall can cost a lot of money or not much at all the information below will help you to estimate the cost.

Type of Timber

The kind of wood you use for the retaining wall will most likely be the cause of your money woes. Cedar will look the best and stand the test of time more than pine and other wood but will also cost the most money. If you choose a cheaper wood like pine then you will need to maintain it more often.

Size of the Wall

Take accurate measurements of the area to be retained. The obvious measurements are the length and width but don't forget the height. The height will determine how many actual boards you need.


The wall itself needs beams to support weight so make sure to ass several vertical beams.


Hardware includes corner brackets as well as nails and screws. Always buy more than you think you need just in case you need them.