Estimate the Cost of Building a Glass Block Shower

glass block shower

A glass block shower is a great idea for your bathroom renovation project. You need a cost estimate before you make it a part of your bathroom renovation. There are a few things to keep in mind before you head off to the local hardware store to get an estimate for your custom shower.


Having measurements on hand will allow the salesperson at the local hardware store to provide you with an accurate estimate. There are 3 measurements you will need to take. They are the width, length, and height. Account for the shower door when taking your measurements. You will also need to note which walls will be made from glass brick and which walls will be tiled.


A shower is much more than 4 walls. After choosing your favorite style of glass bricks, you must decide on tiles for both the shower walls and floor. Other accessories to think about include the soap dish and the shower door. Plumbing accessories are also an important part of your shower project and include the shower head, taps, mixer valve, drain, and piping. Remember to factor all of these things to get the best cost estimate.

Tools and Materials

You need the proper tools to install your glass block shower. Consider either renting or buying trowels, tile spatulas, and a hand held torch. Materials include tile glue, mortar, grout, water barrier, and welding materials. Tools and materials can often be a surprise expense in your bathroom renovation project, so make sure you include them in your estimate.