Estimating Batt Insulation for Your Home and Attic Estimating Batt Insulation for Your Home and Attic

Batt insulation is one of the easiest forms of insulation to install in your home and attic. It is also one of the least expensive on the market. To combat skyrocketing heating and cooling bills, many people are evaluating their insulation and adding more.

It's not a hard home improvement project. You can easily estimate how much batt insulation you need, as well as the cost, by following these simple steps.

List Your Insulation Needs

Look around your home at all the places you will need to add insulation. Remember to include all the walls, ceilings, floors, and crawlspaces, as well as the attic or converted basement.

Take Measurements

After you know all the different areas you are going to put in batt insulation, measure each space to find out how much area you will be insulating. Knowing the total amount of square footage of your rooms will help you determine how many rolls to buy.

Shop for Best Deals

Once you know how much you need for your home, it is only a matter of finding the best price. Once you find a reasonable price, multiply it by the square footage of the area you need to cover: that is your estimated cost. You should always get an extra roll or so to make up for any mistakes or miscalculations.

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