Estimating the Cost of a Tin Roof Estimating the Cost of a Tin Roof

Installing a tin roof can provide you with a number of unique benefits as a homeowner. However, before you go through with installing one, you will want to get an accurate estimate as to how much it will cost. Here are the basics of how to estimate the cost of a tin roof successfully.

Determine Size

The first thing that you will want to do is determine the size of the roof area. You will not have to get an exact size, but a good estimate will work. If you can get up on the roof, take your tape measure and get some dimensions. However, you could just measure around the outside of the house as well if the roof is not accessible for you.

Call Contractors

Once you have the approximate dimensions of the roof, you need to start calling some contractors. Tell them that you are looking to install a tin roof and you have some approximate dimensions. They should be able to give you a pretty accurate estimate based upon your dimensions. You should call several different contractors so that you can get a range of estimates. You may also want to have a contractor come over and give you an official quote.

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