Estimating the Cost of a Wooden Fence

Estimate the cost of building a wooden fence to help you ascertain whether or not building is within your budget. Planning ahead will help you avoid surprise costs and may even help you save money, time and effort.

Planning is Key

Planning is the foundation of any estimate and the key to saving money and avoiding expensive surprises.

Your initial planning, of course, will determine the dimensions (length, width and height) of your fence. First of all, decide what purpose your fence is meant to serve. A picket fence around the garden will not be as tall as nor require as much material as a privacy fence.

Additional Questions

Beyond the obvious considerations of dimensions, several questions will arise during planning. What type of wood will you be using? Will it be pressure-treated? Is pressure-treated wood correct for your application? Are you going to paint your fence, or just seal it and preserve the wood’s natural appearance? Will your posts be seated in concrete, or will they sit on top of cement blocks? It is important that you answer all of these questions and more because each one will impact your bottom line in some way.

Actual Estimate

The actual estimate is a calculation based on the answers to the questions above as well as any city or county fees you may need to pay.

Parting Advice

After you’ve answered all of the questions about your fence project, don’t forget to pad the cost to include room for unaccounted expenses, like your state sales tax.