Estimating the Cost of Adding a Dormer Window

Two white dormer windows extending from a gray shingled roof.
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One of the most popular additions in-home designs right now is a dormer window. These are windows that extend horizontally out of the roof or side of the house. They can be used for a window seat, to let in more natural light, or even for more living space. Dormer windows can be the size of an individual window or can stretch out to the size of the house itself to make a room that much larger. The most common issue among homeowners when it comes to installing a dormer window is the often steep price tag associated with the project. Here are some tips and pointers for getting a price quote on a dormer window.

Estimate Pricing

If you are looking to install a dormer window into your home, it will cost you some money no matter how you look at it. How much depends on a number of different variables, however. For a medium-size dormer window, measuring around six by 10 feet, the materials alone will be around $1,800. If you are a handyman who is planning to do the project yourself, this is all you may have to pay.

Hiring someone to install the same dormer for you can run closer to three or four thousand dollars, as the labor is the biggest part of any price quote to be considered. If you want professional installation of a larger, room-sized dormer, it can be well over $10,000. The cost can also vary greatly depending on the strength of the roof you are extending from. If the roof has any structural issue or load-bearing problems, prices can skyrocket quickly when you add in roof repair to the project. If you are planning to clear out an existing roof to add an attic with a dormer section, the price can quickly get near $50,000.

Internal Pricing

Keep in mind that for each of the costs you consider you must add in your own internal remodeling prices. Any time you extend on to an existing room you must match the paint, drywall, carpet, ceiling, and anything else you want to include making the new match the old. These costs are usually not quoted in the initial contracting bid you are quoted.

Additional Costs to Consider

If you have never done remodeling on the roof of your home, it can be quite an ordeal. It is always recommended to use or rent a preventative fall system during the construction.

Do not skimp on the price of the dormer window in relation to the rest of your home either. It will stick out like a sore thumb if you have one obvious window that is different than all of the others in your home.

It is always wise to get several different pricing quotes from various contractors before you decide on one to use. Look online and ask questions of people who have had similar additions built on their homes for an idea of what to expect. Use a contractor that is highly recommended from family or friends to be sure you aren’t being taken advantage of as well.