Estimating the Cost to Add a Bathroom Upstairs

a shower head with the words "bathroom luxury...on a budget" written underneath it

When it is time to estimate the cost of adding a bathroom upstairs, there are many things to consider. In addition to the cost of remodeling a room, or building a room, you will also need to buy fixtures and furnishings. If you are ready to begin your estimate, consider the following items.

Consider the Size of Your Room

Consider the size of your new bathroom. This aspect will have the biggest impact on your cost. Traditionally there are guidelines depending on whether you want a half bath, full bath, or a simple powder room. Most contractors recommend that a half bath with commode, shower, and sink should be at least 30 square feet. A full bath with tub and shower needs to be at least 35 feet in order to allow plenty of space. While these are simple guidelines, it is really up to you to decide how big you would like your new bathroom to be. If you plan to remodel an existing space in your home, you can expect to pay up to $7,000 for a simple layout.

Designing Your New Bathroom

Before you begin building, you will first need a set of plans or a blue print. While you can buy a bathroom design book for $20-$40 dollars, an architect may charge you up to $30,000 to draw your plans. This of course depends on the size and complexity of the job. Some engineers may charge you a percent of the job when drawing up the plans. As the design your room the will include all features and fixtures. When the are done you will receive a parts list with an estimated cost of building. The engineer will then charge you up to 15% of the total cost for the addition. You may also need to contact a structural engineer to estimate the load on your foundation after the addition is complete. It may cost you an additional $800.

Save Money on Your Addition

When you are estimating the cost to add a bathroom upstairs, you may price your fixtures at the local hardware or do-it-yourself store. It is possible to get much better deals if you purchase from an overstock or closeout store. You can find one of these stores in every state and many now have websites you can look through to see what they offer. If you need to add a new bathroom, but your budget is very tight, these stores can help a lot.

Be Prepared for Surprises

No matter how much you plan, or how thorough you are, you need to be prepared for surprises. Anytime you are working on your home surprises can happen. You may not realize that a pipe is in the way, or the electrical needs to be installed by a professional, until you get started on the job. Sometimes the things you think are the most simple can turn into the hardest part of the job. For this reason it is very important that you include an extra amount in your budget for surprises. In most cases it is smart to add an additional 10% just for this reason.