Estimating the Cost to Add a Window to Your Home Estimating the Cost to Add a Window to Your Home

In order to add a window to an exterior wall, it will take quite a bit of work. A hole in the exterior wall will have to be cut and a window will have to be fit into the hole. Before you undertake such a project, you will want to make sure that you have an accurate estimate of the cost involved. Here are the basics of how to estimate the cost to add a window to the outside of your home.

Take Measurements

The first thing that you will need to do is get some rough measurements of the space. Figure out exactly how big you would like the window to be. Get your tape measure and get the dimension of the area that you want to place the window.

Shop Around

Once you have some rough measurements, you can then start to shop for the window that you want. There are many different styles of window out there, so prices will vary greatly. 

Get Labor Quotes

Once you have an idea of how much the proper-sized window will cost, you can start to get quotes on the labor. Call a few contractors and ask them how much they would charge to install a window of the size that you need. 

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