Estimating the Cost to Install Carpet on Stairs

To install carpet stairs takes more work than your typical carpet installation. Therefore, it can be more difficult to estimate the cost to install the carpet on stairs as well. Here are a few tips on estimating the cost to install carpet on the stairs.

Calculate Carpet Size

Determine approximately how much carpet will be installed on the stairs. Count the number of stairs that you have and measure how wide they are. Most stairs are about 9 inches tall, about 1 foot deep, and 3 to 4 feet wide. Therefore, you can estimate about 2 lineal feet of carpet will be needed to cover one.

Take the number of stairs and multiply by 2 to get the total length of the carpet. If the carpet is 12 feet wide, you can take 12 feet divided by the width (4 feet) and see how many pieces you can get out of a roll of carpet. Therefore, if your total length is 30 feet, you divide 30 by 3 and you know that you need a 12 by 10.


Get a pricing quote from a retailer and use it to calculate your total price. Take the number of stairs times their stair charge, then take the number of square feet by their carpet installation charge.