Estimating the Cost to Remodel a Fireplace

Many people wonder how they can remodel a fireplace at a reasonable cost, but the cost of a remodel will really depend on your personal taste and preference. The materials and style that you choose will determine the cost of the remodeling exercise. However, before you begin, you need to have an estimate of how much it will cost you. This is important for planning purposes. You need to draw up a budget. This you can do by following some simple guidelines.


The first thing to do is to conduct some study or research on houses that have the same architectural design as yours. You would like to find out the type of fireplaces that are compatible with your type of dwelling. This type of information is available in journals, magazines, design books and online sites. This information will also expose you to different types of designs that you may need to consider for your house. The study will help you make a decision on the changes you want to make in the design of your fireplace. It will also reveal the type of materials that you can use in the remodeling exercise and those that you cannot use.

Consult the Experts

After gathering information on your preferred type of fireplace, talk to a contractor or visit the local hardware or home improvement store. Inquire about the probable cost of remodeling your fireplace. Obtain about three different quotations so that you can get average costs of such an undertaking.

Take time to learn from the experts about the different types of lumber and materials that you can possibly use to remodel your fireplace. Find out about the different kind of moldings and pilasters that you may use in the remodeling of your fireplace. Also, consider the types of materials such as brick and stone, which you can use for this exercise. As you look through various material options, consider their costs and note them down in your notebook. Visit a number of stores to get a rough average estimate of the cost of materials.

Building Regulations

Before you remodel, consider the building regulations of your residential area. Building regulations are not the same in all areas and you will need to familiarize yourself with the relevant ones for your location. You will need to comply with the building standards set up by your local authority.

Consider Substitute Materials

Consider other available options that may save you some money for example, using prefabricated material, which are available in standard sizes and are ready-made. These options are far cheaper than traditional materials such as wood, stone or marble. It is also cheaper than having a custom designed fireplace. Your choice of fireplace should accentuate your home. It should blend naturally with the décor of your home.

Calculate Costs

After obtaining the relevant costs, which should include materials cost and installation charges then add them up to get an estimate of what to expect if you were to remodel your fireplace today.