Estimating Tree Removal Cost

Estimating tree removal costs requires a little basic information about the tree. It is also useful to know where the tree removers will be travelling from to do the job.

Height of the Tree

The basic charge for tree removal is based upon the height of the tree.

Additional Tasks

  • Although felling the tree will be the basic cost, there are additional services that you might need.
  • Branch chipping to reduce a pile of twigs and sticks to a more manageable pile of chippings
  • Removing the chippings
  • Removing the tree trunk and major branches
  • Stump grinding or removal
  • Site clean up

Travelling Time

If a specialist tree removal company has to travel any distance to get to your property they will probably add a standard charge for time spent travelling.

Cost Offsets

Although they are never offered, it is sometimes possible to offset some costs by asking the tee removal service for the value of the timber the company is charging you to take away. You could even try to sell the tree before having it cut down.

Having a tree removed can be an expensive business. The expense of removing the tree will almost certainly be a lot less than the cost of reparations if it fell and did damage.