Ethanol Fireplace Safety Information Ethanol Fireplace Safety Information

Although a bio ethanol fireplace is environment friendly, this does not change the fact that ethanol is flammable and when improperly used, it can be dangerous. Follow these tips for safe operation of an ethanol fireplace at home.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Before you attempt to use an ethanol fireplace at home, make sure that your fireplace has proper ventilation. When ethanol does not burn completely, it produces carbon monoxide that is toxic to human beings and animals. To avoid accidents, never use an ethanol in an unventilated fireplace.

Check the Linings of Your Chimney Regularly

Dangerous gasses can seep into your home if your chimney liner has leaks and tears. To avoid accidents, make it a point to check your chimney liner once a year. You should also change your chimney liner every 5 years even if the liner is not yet worn-out.

Do Not Drop Fuel on the Floor

When refueling your ethanol fireplace, do not drop fuel on the floor or on the furniture near the fireplace. Remember that ethanol is highly flammable and a little amount of ethanol on the floor or on the furniture can cause a lot of trouble so take extra care when refueling your fireplace.

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