Euro-Pro Deep Fryer

With a cooking capacity ranging from approximately 1.2 to 5 liters, every Euro-Pro deep fryer features a stylish stainless steel design that will complement the layout and design of any kitchen. Perfect for preparing all types of fried dishes like chicken, shrimp, cod, french fries and other veggies as well as some pastries, a Euro-Pro deep fryer makes a good addition to any kitchen, and an affordable one at that. 1- to 2-liter models hover around the $50 price range, while the 5-liter model costs about $80.

Fryer Design

Stylishly crafted with a stainless steel exterior and black trim, Euro-Pro deep fryers feature several removable components, including the oil reservoir, fry basket and 840- to 1,800-Watt heating element. A detachable lid with viewing window and built-in odor filter is included as well. Thanks to Euro-Pro's Cool Zone technology, food won't easily burn when immersed in the hot oil, while the cool-touch basket handles provide a safety measure when lifting it out.

Operation Features

Euro-Pro deep fryers feature a built-in timer for precise cooking and electronic controls for easier operation. An adjustable thermostat heats cooking oil to a range of temperatures, suitable for a wide variety of foods. With its immersible heating element, oil preheats faster and more effectively than with other design styles.