European Fireplace Design Ideas

If you are looking for a fireplace design that will stand out, then you should consider installing a European style fireplace. European designs are often much larger than their American counterparts and are often used to heat multiple rooms.

There are two common styles of European fireplace designs: classical and modern. The classical European design is usually made with stone or marble and can reflect various styles of architecture. They can incorporate columns or intricate metal inlays depending on the region in which they are manufactured. In most cases, these fireplaces are quite large and can occupy an entire wall.

The internal construction of European fireplaces allows them to burn wood faster and at a higher temperature. The resulting hot air is circulated throughout the chimney cavity and absorbed by the stone. Since the fireplace surround is so large, the heat is spread out over a larger area making the stone fireplace surround safe to the touch. Yet, due to the temperature of the fire, the stone surround will radiate heat for a good part of the day. Many homeowners will use a combination of traditional heating systems with these fireplaces to reduce utility bills.

Wall mounted fireplaces are another common European design that can add a modern flair to your interior design. Unlike traditional stone fireplaces, these modern styles utilize a more streamlined look using stainless steel. The use of stainless steel is an ideal choice given its strength and relatively low maintenance.

Another great advantage of these fireplaces is that they can be installed at any height in the wall. There is no need for a mantel or hearth since the fireplace is designed in a similar manner to a wall oven. In most cases the fireplace is flush mounted in the wall allowing for a seamless look throughout the interior space. It's features like these coupled with the use of modern metallic materials that make them an ideal choice for modern interior designs.