Add International Flair With European Kitchen Cabinets

The design of European kitchen cabinets is mindful of ergonomics and accessibility, but this emphasis on function doesn't mean that form is sacrificed. European kitchen cabinets can be sleek and modern, or detailed and ornate.

Styles of European Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary, streamlined designs with hidden hinges may be made of Formica in bright colors with textured or patterned glass doors, polished chrome, or stainless steel. Linear hardware enhances their minimalist flavor.

More intricate designs can include different types of wood―whose grain patterns range from simple to extraordinary―that may be distressed to add a rustic feel and adorned with carvings and elaborate knobs and pulls.

Affording European Kitchen Cabinets

To add European style to your home without subtracting your bank account, look for European kitchen cabinets at local or online home stores or by researching local cabinet makers for custom made creations.

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