European Style Sunrooms For Your Home

There are many types of sunroomsavailable, from simple deck enclosures to sprawling European designs. A sunroom can be an extension of your existing home, or it can be built to stand alone. Adding a European style sunroom can be an easy and affordable option. Sunrooms can be added to your home by certified professionals, or you can purchase sunroom kits that can be assembled with moderate construction skills.

Extravagant European Sunrooms

A European sunroom is built with convenience and simplicity in mind. Remote controlled blinds, awnings and even skylights are common features of a European style sunroom, allowing occupants to control the lighting and ventilation without moving from their seat. A European sunroom is recognized by the open interior spaces it provides, thanks to high ceilings and well-designed lighting techniques.

Sunroom Studios

As an addition to the home, a European sunroom studio offers a brightly lit space that gives the illusion of having more space in a confined area. Studio sunrooms built in a European style combine high roofs and open spaces, along with the modern convenience of high durability and affordable construction. They are designed to be luxurious and to provide the maximum amount of natural light.

Indoor Gardens

A brick home, or one built with a stone exterior would be well-complemented to have a patio room constructed in the classic European style. Decorate with potted plants of all types, and add stone or wrought iron benches to accentuate the exterior design. This type of sunroom can be added on top of an existing deck, bringing your back-deck flower garden into the home, which means it can be enjoyed no matter what the outside weather may be. A European style sunroom is one of the best deck enclosure methods available, combining elegance and functionality.

Cathedral Sunrooms

A cathedral style sunroom offers a vaulted ceiling design that provides more of a feeling of open spaces. This is one of the most popular European style sunroom designs, and works well as a studio or indoor garden. Once installed, a European style sunroom increases the value of the home dramatically due to their aesthetic appeal and multi-purpose functionality.

Primary Materials

Most European style sunrooms are aluminum and glass constructions. They can be purchased as plans for the home enthusiast to build from, or purchased as a complete kit that can be easily assembled. For the best results, use a certified contractor, which relieves you of the burden of construction, and guarantees a leak-free sunroom when it is completed. It is possible to build a European style sunroom out of wood and glass, but the material costs would be prohibitive, and many of the features of European sunrooms are meant to be hidden within the aluminum columns.

Sunrooms Are Versatile and Affordable

European style sunrooms are some of the most popular types available, but there are many popular modern designs that range from a simple room addition to complex integration of the sunroom with the home and property. As the public entryway for the home or a secluded retreat for the homeowner, sunrooms are often the most affordable solution, in addition to their many other benefits.