Event Planning: Class Reunion Do's and Don'ts

Planning for a class reunion calls for good event planning ideas. Event planning for class reunions should include party ideas which include the whole group. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for a class reunion party.

Plan early:

A reunion calls for good planning prior to the event. Ideally planning for reunions should start 12 months prior the event. Book the party site, events and entertainment early.

Party theme:

It is very important to decide on the theme of the reunion party. Decide on an exciting party theme that keeps everybody interested. Do not plan formal events as people prefer casual settings. A casual party theme is best as they will feel free to interact.

Party decorations:

A reunion event can look stunning with the correct party decorations. If you are having a party in a hotel, you can decorate the place by using pictures of teachers, class activities, sports and graduation ceremonies.

For a beach reunion party, you can decorate with sand castles or innovative items like pink flamingos and beach balls.

Do not have loud music:

A reunion event should be thrilling and calm at the same time. Avoid playing loud music as people join the reunion party to revive old friendships and memories. Earsplitting music will hinder conversation as nobody will like to scream loudly to talk to others.

Costumes for the event:

You can have personalized t-shirts with the school name. Have the guests to wear them to the party.

Activities and games:

A class reunion event is incomplete without exciting games and activities. Scavenger hunt games are great party activities. This game is adventurous as guests will have to search for objects or people by hunting in different locations. A karaoke contest will also add zing to the party.

Meet everyone:

Don’t spend all the party time by only talking to old friends. Encourage everyone to mingle.

Party favors: 

Party favors could range from giving imprinted old school pens, bags with the school name on them, mugs, school t-shirts or custom calendars.