Event Planning for a High School Graduation Party Event Planning for a High School Graduation Party

Proper event planning is necessary to make a graduation party even more special. Graduation is an intrinsic part of everyone’s lives. An exciting theme coupled with innovative party ideas will enhance the significance of the event.

A Casino Graduation Theme

Host a casino theme party in your home to commemorate the occasion. Design the personalised invitation cards on a pack of playing cards. Include the party details on the back-side of these cards.

Decoration and Casino Party Supplies

Attach a slot machine scene setter to the walls. Design the entrance with Vegas neon signs and radium stickers. Decorate tables with a green table cloth. Use casino confetti to decorate the entrance and the room. Buy fake money from a local stationery store.

Menu for the Event

Select delicacies like chicken nuggets, spring rolls, shrimp cocktails and club sandwiches for the event. Do not forget to buy the beverages.

Games for the Event  
Browse through different casino games to understand the rules of casino games.

Present gifts like a deck of cards or chocolates to the winners.

Design a James Bond cut-out to complement the theme of the event. You can also have a grand prize for people attending the party.

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