Everything You Need to Know about Concrete Nailer

A concrete nailer or a concrete nail gun is a power tool that is used to fasten nails into concrete. While a hammer can drive concrete nails to concrete as well, a concrete nailer makes the job a lot easier and a lot faster. Like with other power tools, there are limitations to its use. A concrete nailer cannot be used to nail cement because it causes the material to break up. In addition, it may not drive nails effectively into concrete that involves rocks or stones that are very hard to pierce through.

Types of Concrete Nailers

There are basically three types of concrete nailer products – cordless, electric and compressed air powered. Each of these types has its own advantage and disadvantage.

A cordless nailer can be gas-actuated, powder-actuated, or battery powered. A powder-actuated cordless nailer uses a shot load to drive nails into concrete much like a firearm. This can be quite handy for applications where electricity or an air compressor is not available.

A gas-actuated cordless nailer uses fuel rods to power up the nailing mechanism. A battery is used to ignite the fuel to provide enough power to drive nails into concrete. Although not as powerful as a pneumatic nailer, it is still powerful enough for framing applications.

A battery-operated cordless nailer is also a convenient nailer to use and a much more powerful tool than an electric nailer, but is only limited to firing medium sized finished nails. However, this nailer has a battery that can be recharged – convenient in areas where electric outlets or air compressors are far from reach.

Electric or corded nailers are limited to driving small brad nails into concrete. Aside from the limited power provided by this type of nailer, it is also quite inconvenient to use because the electric cord may get in the way. However, this is a good alternative to expensive pneumatic nailers that use an air compressor.

Pneumatic nailers are by far the most powerful nailers on the market. This nailer requires an expensive air compressor in order to work. This is the nailer of choice when working with heavy duty applications.

Choosing the Best Nailer

The best nailer to use will depend on the difficulty of the nailing application and the convenience needed. In areas where the use of an electric outlet or an air compressor is out of the question, a cordless nailer is the best choice. In general, the pneumatic nailer is the best choice among all because it provides the best power. In addition, an air compressor is also a very good addition to a do-it-yourselfer’s must-have tools, because it can be used to power other tools as well.

Concrete Nailer Safety

Exercise extreme caution when working with concrete nailers. These tools can easily pierce concrete and can therefore pierce human flesh as well. Always wear safety glasses and other safety gear when working. Never use defective nails and never leave the tools running when not in use. In addition, clean and maintain the tool properly to avoid accidents.