Everything You Need to Know About Light Fixture Ground Wire

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A ground light fixture wire provides security and ensures safety to individuals whenever circuits malfunctions or fails. As the term itself implies, ground light fixture wires are connected to the earth. Without them electrical shock could be a possibility, which could lead to serious injury. They come in green, yellow, or plain bare copper, to distinguish them from other wires and to facilitate wiring and identification. It’s important to be well informed when working with ground light fixture wires.

Hot Wires and Neutral Wires

An electrical circuit is composed of two wires: hot and neutral. Hot wires carry electrical current to electrical devices such as lights and appliances. They are typically black or red. Neutral wires on the other hand, which are normally white, carry electrical currents away from electrical devices. Neutral wires neutralize the current that passes through an electrical device from hot wires so that users will not be jolted with electrical shock.

The Role of the Ground Light Fixture Wire

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When a neutral wire breaks down, current will no longer be carried away from an electrical device such as a light switch. A ground wire’s job is to take over the place of a neutral wire that is malfunctioning and to ensure that a device will not carry electrical current that can harm or hurt an individual. In these cases, a ground wire will trip a circuit breaker to which it is connected in order to stop the flow of electrical current.

The Importance of the Ground Light Fixture Wire

Light fixtures can operate even without ground wires, since they don’t really play an active role in supplying electricity to the former. In fact an individual may not experience electrical shock when he uses a light switch whose neutral wire has malfunctioned. This can occur when the current that passes through a switch is low and minimal.

However, in instances where there is high voltage, an individual can be seriously hurt if she comes in contact with a light switch or appliance. That is why it is very important and necessary, as a preventive measure, for you to equip your electrical circuit with grounded wires.

Electrical Wiring Inspection

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Whenever you purchase a home, you should have an electrician inspect the electrical wiring of the premises. A house may look good on the outside, but it can be a death trap if it has faulty wiring. As a rule, homeowners need to comply with the electrical standards in the county where they live. Electrical standards are set into place to ensure safety and prevent fires or injuries. A home without grounded wires or circuit breakers usually is not compliant with the electrical standards.