Exercise Pool Pros and Cons

An exercise pool is a special type of pool, with powered water jets on one end that creates an artificial current in the pool that keeps swimmers in place as they exercise. Some people refer to an exercise pool as an endless or infinite pool. If you are considering an exercise pool, here are a few considerations that may help you make the decision.

The Pros

An exercise pool is great for people who are recuperating from a debilitating illness or injury. The jets can be set at different speeds, so the difficulty of the exercise increases along with the swimmer's ability. For a professional swimmer, a swim spa allows them to stick to a rigorous workout routine, regardless what the weather is like outside. Even in the coldest months of winter, swimmers can get the exercise needed to stay in top shape for summer competitions.

The Cons

A current pool is expensive. It is a special type of pool, and requires a great deal more preparation and installation than a regular pool. It may be far more beneficial to athletes and those rebuilding muscle tissue, but the cost is prohibitive for the average home. Additionally, this type of pool requires more maintenance than a regular pool in order to prevent the jets from clogging.