Expanding Closet Space

Small closet space can be problematic if you have too many clothes and not enough space to put everything. Installing a closet organizer, adding a secondary hanger bar or using shelving are ways to increase closet space.

Closet Organizers

Closet organizers can more than double the space available in your closet. Many closet organizers add a secondary hanger bar that allows for hanging shirts, skirts and slacks. Some organizers have shelving units, small sets of drawers, baskets, or shoe racks integrated into them. 

Secondary Hanger Bar

Secondary hangers bars typically don't require any actual hardware installation. They hang directly from the existing hanger bar and create a second level where shirts and pants can be hung. However, if this is the type of bar that you are planning to use, be aware that it will place additional stress on the existing hanger bar, so use some caution when placing heavier clothing on either of the bars. Overly encumbering the supports may result in the entire hanger system pulling away from the wall and falling down.


Another way in which to expand closet space is to install a shelving system in the closet. Shelves can be either freestanding or anchored to the wall. Freestanding shelves are often inexpensive and can consist of plastic crating or lightweight wood shelves. Wire closet shelving is also lightweight and can be anchored to the back of the closet for extra security and stability.

Other Options

Besides storage in the closet, storage space can also be utilized outside of the closet. One excellent option is to use shoe racks that install by simply being hung on the back of a closet or bathroom door. Another excellent and inexpensive option is plastic or canvas storage containers that easily slide under beds or can be stacked in a garage or attic space.

Step 1 - Measure Your Closet

Measure the inside space of your closet. Measure the closet width, height and the distance from the existing hanging clothes bar to the floor.  These measurements will be the foundation of any closet organizing system you purchase.

Step 2 - Determine the Closet Organizer's Function

Decide what specific features you want for your closet organization system.  These choices include the various different types of options like a secondary hanging bar, shelves, shoe racks and others mentioned above.

Step 3 - Purchase the Organizer

Purchase either a complete closet organizer system or different elements needed to expand your closet space from your local home improvement retailer or discount home center.

Step 4 - Empty Out Your Closet

Remove all of your clothing and items from your closet.

If you purchased a closet organizer system, carefully follow the installation instructions.  If you have purchased various individual elements, then arrange them in your existing closet space.

Step 5 - Arrange Your Clothes
Once you have the closet organization and expansion system in place, then arrange your personal items in your newly expanded closet space.