Expected Expenses with Concrete Slab Repair Expected Expenses with Concrete Slab Repair

Having concrete around your home may lead to you having to find someone that can do concrete slab repair or you can do it yourself. Concrete slab repair isn't easy as the process can be long, hard on the body and hard on the pockets. Before you do any type of home repair, always take it upon yourself to do some research on that particular job. You will want to know what all is involved and what the cost of each step is. You will also get multiple quotes or bids before agreeing or accepting one. Concrete slab repair is no different and the article that follows will share with you what to expect when looking to do this job and how much it could cost.

Concrete Removal

If your concrete slab is broken in large chunks then patching as a concrete slab repair job may not be possible. Depending on the size of the slab you may need more than one workman (unless you have some very strong friends) with tools. They will break apart the concrete slab, load it in a wheelbarrow or truck and then properly dispose of it. This will all cost labor which can be several hundred dollars. You can save yourself this cash if you can do it yourself.

Concrete Mix

There is no way you can conduct concrete slab repair without purchasing concrete. How much you need is determined by the square footage of the project. Even the smallest of jobs will require bags of concrete. The problem you will face with concrete is that there will be waste involved. An individual bag of concrete will cost around $15.00 but can be higher if you have reinforcement included in the concrete and if you are using a quick-setting brand. Determine the amount of concrete you need by measuring the square footage of the concrete slab to repair.


Depending on the extent of the repair, you may have to build a frame. It keeps the concrete in place and uniform. You can build your own out of scrap wood as long as you have the proper measurements. Having a concrete company come out and do it for you will typically be included in the labor cost. You can reduce the labor cost by doing it yourself.

Miscellaneous Tools

When going about repairing a concrete slab there are tools that cannot be ignored. You can buy them but you can also rent them from home improvement stores. Hiring someone to do the repair will be easier because they have all of the tools at their disposal already. Renting will actually cause you to spend more money because the tools are simple, easy to find and some things in your home can be used to do the same job. You will need a wheelbarrow and a rake in order to mix the concrete. You could use a drill with a mixing attachment as well. Other than these tools you will need to use a trowel in order to get the concrete even.

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