Exposed Aggregate Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate is any surface that is created by pouring concrete after which you removed the outer or top layer of cement cream to uncover a coarse, decorative stone which has been added into the concrete mix or which has been added onto the surface of the concrete. What this creates is a skid resistant finish that is attractive and durable.

The process of making exposed aggregate, which is primarily a decorative process, has been in popular usage since early 1900’s.

The Appeal of Exposed Aggregate

The appeal of exposed aggregate is something like the appeal of a mosaic floor, though the patterns are random and natural. The finish is raised, pebbly, and offers a unique contrast to the common smooth concrete surface. In an exposed aggregate surface, there is a striking visual appeal of having the creation of random patterns and various colors. In a sense, you can become an artist in creating a walkway using exposed aggregate, a Jackson Pollock creation of your own making or design.

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