Extend the Life and Enjoyment of Your Interior Fountain Extend the Life and Enjoyment of Your Interior Fountain

You get what you pay for is a very true statement and I have discovered its truth many times throughout my life.  But I have also found that items only last as long as they are properly cared for and maintained to be equally as true.  You can spend top dollar and buy the best car on market, but if you never change the oil, it will not be the car of your dreams very long.  Along the same note, it continually amazes me how many people do not take the extra time and effort to care for their indoor water fountain feature after they have installed it.

Most people are drawn to incorporating an indoor water feature into their home because they feel it will a touch of class and calm to their home. The beautiful and relaxing sounds and sights of cascading and gurgling water is very appealing, but after its novelty has worn of some people tend to ignore it. Without some minimal yet constant care it can easily become an eye sore and not the focal point of beauty it was initially.

There are some simple steps of preventative maintenance that can be and should be followed. If these basic steps are followed the water feature will not become a bundle of work, eye sore or a cesspool of smelly water.

It is important to start off on the right foot. Always fill your indoor water feature with distilled water. Tap water will have some natural minerals within the water. As the water evaporates mineral, calcium or lime deposits can and will form on the structure of the water feature. These deposits look unclean and can be very difficult to clean.  Once these deposit start to form, the cleaning process can be very tedious, strenuous and difficult. Simply by using distilled water in the feature the build up of ugly deposits can be completely avoided.

Adding a product like Fountain Protector to the water will also keep the water free of mineral build up and the development of stains and sludge within the feature as well as control the growth of algae and other organic contaminants.  Biodegradable treatments such as this will prolong the life of the feature, keep the water clean and clear while being safe for contact with skin, pets and plant growth. Never add bleach to the water as it is very corrosive and will likely cause negative effects to the look of the feature and function of the pump, plus add an increased risk of safety.

Because a fountain is circulating water it will definitely be subject to evaporation. Therefore it is important to set up a regular routine of filling the fountain so the water level does not decrease too much. A low water level will cause two potential problems. First, it will affect the function and appeal of the feature itself. For example, with a slate water wall a dry strip will form on the face of the slate if there is not enough water to cover the face. This looks silly unattractive and is completely unnecessary. Secondly and more seriously, the water pump in the feature requires to only intake water into the impeller. If the water level is too low and the pump intakes air, the life of the pump is greatly compromised and it will wear out much sooner then its expected operating life.  Plain and simple, keep the feature topped up. Water will evaporate at different rates dependent on outside factors such as the humidity in the home and climate as well as the rate of water flow.

Still water will become susceptible to algae and bacteria growth much more readily then flowing water.  The longer the feature stays stagnant the more likely it will become murky, smelly and a potential cesspool. By running the feature continually there will be higher level of oxygen in the water. Highly oxygenated water is much healthier then stagnant water. By keeping the pump running and using a fountain water treatment water born bacteria will not have a chance to develop or survive.

An ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure. Take care of your indoor water feature and it will bring many hours of enjoyment, relaxation and welcomed comments by those living in and visiting your home.

Garth has always been fascinated by the mystery and wonder of moving water. This fascination led him to develop Premium Indoor Fountains.com. This information based web site helping others see the possibilities and value of incorporating the soothing sights and sounds of water through an indoor water fountain into their life spaces.

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