Exterior Corbels and Brackets

The use of exterior corbels is a great way to add a stately look to the exterior of your home. They make the perfect accent for exterior dentil molding, columns and archways, to name just a few applications. Understanding the different materials and designs used in their production will help you make the best choice for your home.

Corbel Materials

Exterior corbels are most commonly manufactured using either wood or fypon urethane materials.  Although hand carved wood corbels provide incredibly detailed and intricate design patterns they will eventually split and rot over an extended period of time.  Fypon exterior corbels and brackets, on the other hand, can handle even the harshest weather conditions without showing signs of damage. However, you don’t have the flexibility in design and colors as you would with solid wood corbels.

Best Applications for Corbels & Brackets

Some of the best applications for installing an exterior corbel or bracket are along gables ends and cornices.  They are available in a wide range of sizes so no matter where you install them, you can be sure they’ll be noticed. Exterior corbels and brackets are also installed on porches or archways and can really highlight these design features. These accessories are available in just about an architectural style ensuring a uniform design for the exterior of your home.