Exterior Door Frame Replacement Basics Exterior Door Frame Replacement Basics

As a homeowner you will find yourself at some time facing the challenge of an exterior door replacement. When that time comes, you'll have the option of keeping your old frame, buying one that's pre-built, or constructing one from raw materials. In either case if you plan to replace your door frame, you'll need to know at least the basics of replacing it. Here are a few things you'll need to know.

Measuring for Your Replacement Frame

In replacing your door frame you typically will have two options: 1) construct your frame, piece by piece, or 2) purchase a pre-built frame. If you have the needed tools, such as a table saw, wood chisel, miter saw, etc. you should be able to build your own frame. Either way, you'll need to measure the old frame and door and take the measurements with you when you buy your frame or material.

Door Frame Hardware

In replacing your frame, keep in mind that whether you buy a new frame or construct your own, you'll need to install hardware for it, such as the strike plate, hinges, and door closer. In buying a frame

Material and Labor Prices

If cost will be an important factor, you may want to compare costs of buying a complete frame as opposed to paying a carpenter to build it for you.

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