Exterior Door Molding Ideas Exterior Door Molding Ideas

If you purchased a cookie cutter home or something that has been owned previously then exterior door molding may be something you would like to change. In many cases you will find that exterior door molding is just there to frame out the door and offer a barrier between you and the actual frame. Very rarely is there an exterior door molding that is exciting or interesting. Perhaps you merely want a change of appearance. This is a job that you can handle on your own and in no time at all. The article that follows will share with you several ideas that you can implement to make your exterior door molding more unique.

Strip and Stain

You can make an exterior door molding brand new again by removing the current paint and then staining the wood underneath. You will need to use a small pry bar to pull the wood molding from the exterior door frame. Place them in an area that is flat and ventilated. A couple of sawhorses would be great over a drop cloth. Apply paint stripper to the current molding and use a paint scraper to aid in the removal of paint. This may take several attempts but when you are down to the bare wood you can then stain it the color of your choice. Apply another coat or two if you like then affix the brand new molding back on the door frame.


Exterior door molding is notoriously bland unless you spent a lot of money. The exterior door molding does not have to stay that way and you can easily change it. A stencil is a pattern or design that has the area to be colored or painted removed. You tape it to the area to be stenciled and then paint it. You can create your own stencils or you can purchase them. Paint the current door frame to the base color that you like. Choose a stencil pattern that you like and tape it to the exterior door frame. Choose a paint color or a series of colors and apply the paint to the stencil. Continue doing this all along the exterior door frame.

Mock Mosaic, Tiffany or Stained Glass

Tiffany lamps are very expensive as are mosaic glass tiles and stained glass. There is no reason why you can't create a similar design around your exterior door frame. All you need is broken pieces of glass or plastic, paint that has been thinned out with water and fake lead glue or all-weather adhesive. Stained glass is typically a pattern of some sort whereas Tiffany designs are uniform and a mosaic is more broken. Alternate the colors of the painted glass or plastic and seal them to the exterior door frame with the fake lead glue.

Metal Accents

Iron is a great way to really set your exterior door frame apart from others. They make iron into cool designs that are meant for other design aspects. Choose some you like and affix them to the exterior door frame.

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