Exterior Vinyl Siding Ideas Exterior Vinyl Siding Ideas

Among the contemporary siding choices, exterior vinyl siding is popular since it is very affordable and needs minimal maintenance. Along with protecting the house from the weather/temperature extremes, siding also adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the house. Vinyl siding—also called plastic or PVC siding—offers greater durability than other siding choices as it is less prone to moisture seepage. However, it is often looked upon as a budgeted choice that doesn’t offer too much in terms of aesthetic features. This issue can be resolved by understanding the various forms in which a vinyl siding can be used in a functional-yet-stylish manner. Following are some ideas for homeowners considering an exterior vinyl sliding installation.

Idea 1 - Modifying Conventional Vinyl Siding Arrangement

Often referred to as lap siding, this form of vinyl siding installation helps to overcome the most obvious issue with vinyl surfaces—their synthetic appearance. Many home décor contractors believe that this issue can be overcome by altering the conventional layout of vinyl sidings. It should be understood that most exterior, vinyl surfaces are easy-to-detect largely due to their characteristic horizontal layout. This layout maximizes the reflection of light which in turn, makes the synthetic vinyl surface, very obvious. To overcome this aesthetic barrier, vinyl sidings with thinner, siding panels should be used.

The panels are often retailed as vinyl laps. The thinner laps should be about 3-inch thick. The decreased thickness makes the vinyl surface less noticeable. This is because by using thinner layers, more vinyl strips have to be added. As a result, more shadow lines are cast along the horizontal face of the siding. The shadowing helps to camouflage the often-ridiculed ‘plastic’ appearance of an exterior vinyl siding. This simple manipulation should be combined basic color-matching ideas. Sidings with lighter shades tend to make the home appear bigger. Conversely, darker shades in sidings render a compact, cozy appearance to the house.

Idea 2 - Exterior Vinyl Sidings with Faux Stone & Shingles

If you are searching for a vinyl siding installation that is easy-to-handle and presents a natural surface, consider faux vinyl stone sidings. Faux stone sidings are also the lightest of siding choices and can be easily installed by following the packaged instructions. However, faux-stone siding is best suited for homes that have spacious corners and larger cladding zones. This is because the typical features of a faux stone vinyl siding become apparent only when it is used across a substantial surface area.

Among traditional siding choices, cedar wood shingles have been a perennial favorite. Instead of using high-maintenance cedar wood shingles, faux vinyl shingles can be used. These are essentially exterior vinyl sidings that are painted in a specific manner to resemble cedar wood shingles. However, faux vinyl shingles should be used minimally. If located in an easy-to-view zone, the manipulation may be easily evident. Ideally, they should be used for uppermost claddings, combined with complementing vinyl sidings in basic shades.

Idea 3 - Combining Wood Sidings with Exterior Vinyl Sidings

If you insist upon using wood sidings, they can be wisely blended with vinyl sidings. Since maintenance is a major issue with wood sidings, limit their use. This can be done by using wood sidings in the lower vertical zones or parts of the house that have some sort of a natural cover. This ensures that the exposure of wood sidings to weather extremes is limited. Exterior vinyl siding should be used in all other siding zones. This also ensures that being easily accessible, wood sidings can be easily painted or repaired on a periodic basis.

It is essential that the color shade of wood and vinyl sidings is closely matched. However, it is advisable not to use the same color for the two types of sidings as the difference in the two materials becomes very evident. Creating the appropriate contrast is essential wherein the vinyl sidings should have a complementary but lighter shade than the wood sidings.

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