Exterior Wood Window Frame: Painting Tips

If you have a wood window frame that needs repainting, the following are some tips that can make your job easier and help you to achieve the results you desire:

Removing Flaked Paint

If the paint on your window frame has begun to chip or flake, you will want to remove these flakes or chips with a scraper, then completely sand the frame to achieve a smooth surface.

Using a Filler

If there are holes or deep scratches in the frame, it should be filled with a wood putty or filler. Then the entire frame should be sanded until it is smooth. After filling the cracks, any dust or debris should be removed with a damp cloth, so that the frame will be free of debris before you begin painting it.

Using a Primer

In using a darker paint color, or if the frame has been stripped down to bare wood, you will want to use a primer before painting.

Applying Paint

It may be tempting for you to apply only a single coat of paint over the primer, but to have a durable finish; you will want to apply two or coats. The last coat should be a latex, or satin based paint. This will give you a stronger, more resilient finish.