Extremely Modern Tile Backsplash Patterns Extremely Modern Tile Backsplash Patterns

Kitchen tile backsplash patterns vary tremendously according to the type of style that you're interested in. These backsplash patterns are most commonly used above the sink in your kitchen and are designed to not only improve the overall appearance of your kitchen space but to also protect the area behind the sink from water damage that is easy to develop and occur. Fortunately, tile is one of the most durable and dependable types of backsplash, so if you've chosen to use tile in your kitchen area, you are already on the right track. Another big advantage that tile has over other materials (like laminate, engineered stone and other items) is that it comes in the widest array of different designs and styles. Read on for a few of the newest and most modern looking tile backsplash design ideas.

Bright Colors

One of the more popular design ideas that many people have taken a fancy to in recent years is the use of very bright colors in their tile backsplash patterns. This means that the tiles themselves will be brihgt blues, greens, yellows, reds and other colors as well. This can be part of a brighter, more colorful room in general or can be used as a means of standing out from the rest of the room around it. Plain tiles without any pattern can have these colors as solid blocks, or they can be integrated into simple patterns. With bright colors, however,it's generally better to leave the pattern on the tile itself to be a bit simpler.

Alternating Color Patterns

Many modern homes use smaller tiles to create a mosaic type appearance on the kitchen backsplash area. This is a great way of expanding upon the basic tile design, which features larger tiles arranged in a standard square pattern. Your mosaic can have simple alternating color patterns on individual tiles, or it can feature a unique image that is constructed of individual, pixel-like tiles.

Unorthodox Tile Shapes

Another great way to set your kitchen backsplash apart from others around it and to give you a unique and modern appearance is to use tiles that aren't perfectly square. A mosaic pattern like the one above can use tiles that are of varying sizes and shapes to create a complete pattern. You can also find tesselations of tiles that aren't completely square in order to help you to match up the tiles themselves with the kitchen backsplash layout.

Custom Paint Designs

For those looking to spend a bit more money on their kitchen backsplash tile patterns, one of the more common modern techniques is to hire an artist or a painter to design custom made pictures or patterns on plain tiles. These tiles will usually begin as plain white ceramic tiles, but the paint jobs will give them a new life and appearance that is completely unique to your home and can be found nowhere else.

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