Fabric Awning Repair - Stiching Holes

Before you begin a fabric awning repair job, you must assess exactly what needs to be done. If the damage is extensive, consider letting a professional do the job. Awning repair jobs may include issues with automatic components or pneumatics or simply repairing holes. Read on to learn how to simply stitch a hole in awning fabric.

Remove the Fabric Awning

Fabric awning repair is hard enough as it is so do not make it more difficult by trying to stitch a hole with the fabric still attached to the awning frame. A fabric awning can be attached to the frame a few ways which include snaps, ties and even Velcro. Remove the fabric and lay it on a flat surface so that you can easily work on the fabric awning repair. Some fabric awnings are more difficult to remove and may require you to remove the entire awning. Usually you will simply have to remove screws or plugs in order to remove the awning.

Determine the Hole Type

A hole that goes all the way through is hard to repair as it will need a patch. The other type of hole you may encounter is one where the fabric is punctured but the fabric remains. This type of fabric awning repair is much easier to accomplish because the fabric will typically fit like a puzzle. Along the same lines is a basic rip in the fabric which is repaired in the same manner.

Clean It Up

When you are setting to complete fabric awning repair you need to make sure the hole is clean much like you would repairing a human body. In order to keep the hole perfect it is important that the area around the fabric is cleaned with some mild detergent. You would then wipe the area down to make sure it is dry. If the fabric is shredded then you should also use a pair of scissors to trim the rough edges. This will help to make the stitching of the fabric awning much easier to accomplish.

To Stitch or to Iron

Fabric awning repair can take several different routes along the way. You can repair the fabric using another piece of fabric or by stitching the damaged edges together. A patch fabric can be stitched to the awning but there are patch kits that can also be applied by using an iron. These kits are very easy to use but are not recommended as the seal they make on the fabric awning is not perfect. An awning is out in the elements for long periods of time and the glue can weaken. Stitching an awning will seal the hole completely and very effectively.